MK02 Reed Sensors

The MK02 reed proximity switches operate when in the presence of magnetically conductive material. Instead of an actuating magnet, only a simple piece of iron is required to operate the sensor from the front or from above. These sensors are available as Form A and Form B switches. The standard cable is a UL-listed round twin core 2 x 0.35mm2 (AWG22).

They are an excellent alternative to inductive proximity sensors and require no power to operate. The MK02 Series provide user the ability to set tolerances, independent of a magnet. They are suitable for a wide range of applications including end travel sensing limit switches, position control, and security uses such as door and window control, opening recognition contact and metal fire protection doors.

Contact Form 1A, 1B
Rated Power,max:3W
Switching Voltage,max:175V
Switching Current,max:0.5A

Industrial applications
End travel sensing limit switch in pneumatic cylinders
Position control
Door and window control
Fire protection doors
Safety and interlock sensing
Control functions in plant and utility vehicles
Opening recognition contact