MS Reed Relays

The MS series reed relay is an ultra miniature single in-line relay designed in a rugged thermoset overmolded package. The MS relay measures only 15.20 x 3.8 mm and requires less than half of the PCB space than our standard SIL reed relay. They are used as voltage relays.

The MS relay also comes in a DPST version which is epoxy encapsulated and measures only 15.1 x 3.8 mm. Additionally, the MS relay is also available in an RF version capable of switching signals up to 1 GHz making it suitable for test and instrumentation applications.

Coil Voltage (VDC)5 to 12
Coil Resistance (Ohm)280 to 700
Contact Form 1A, 2A, 1B
Rated Power (W)

ATE systems
Measurement equipment
Computer peripherals
Alarm systems