DIL Reed Relays

General purpose line sensing dual in-line DIL Series Reed Relay with coil up to 11.000 Ω. Supplied in an epoxy encapsulated package. Available with dielectric strength 4.25kVDC. Optional diode and magnetic shield. UL approval.

*Coil Voltage (VDC):5, 12, 24
*Coil Resistance (Ω):500-10000
*Contact Form:1-4A Normally Open (N.O.), 1B (SPST) Normally Closed (N.C.), 1C (SPDT) Changeover, 2A (DPST) Normally Open (N.O.), 2C (DPDT) Changeover,
*Rated Power Max. :50W/500VDC/2A

General purpose, medical equipment, telecommunications, test and measurement (ATE)