ORT551-1 Reed Switches

The Reed Switch ORT551-1 is a miniature changeover reed switch or single pole double throw SPDT switch. This Reed Switch has a glass length of 14.0mm and diameter of 2.54mm. Rated power 3 W, Switching voltage 30 VDC, Switching current 0.2 Amp DC. normally closed (N.C.) lead has a dog leg bend.

*Overall Length : 56.1 mm(2.208 inches)
*Glass Length Max. : 14.0 mm (0.551 inches)
*Glass Dia. Max. : 2.54 mm (0.100 inches)
*Lead Dia.: 0.5 mm (0.019 inches)
*Contact Form : 1C (SPDT) Changeover
*Pull-In Range : 10-30 AT
*Rated Power Max. : 3W/30VDC/0.2 Amp DC

General purpose, industrial, test and measurement (ATE)