HE Reed Relays

The HE Series high voltage reed relay is capable of switching up to 10kVDC and breakdown voltage of 15kVDC. Leakage distance >26mm. This high voltage reed relay is epoxy encapsulated with many PCB pin configurations available. Options include high voltage wires available for direct wiring of the high voltage leads. Replacement for mercury wetted relay.

*Coil Voltage (VDC):5, 12, 24
*Coil Resistance (Ω):50-1500
*Contact Form:1A (SPST) Normally Open (N.O.), 1B (SPST) Normally Closed (N.C.), 2A (DPST) Normally Open (N.O.)
*Rated Power Max. :50W/10000VDC/3A

Cable test equipment, defibrillators, electrosurgical generator used with electronic scalpel for electrocauterization, medical equipment, replacement of mercury wetted relays, test and measurement (ATE)